About Us

This website was created in August 2017 with the intention of providing a central hub to connect people seeking the truth, people affected by the Raelian Movement and the various pieces of information scattered across the internet and beyond, which are invaluable to the person wanting to make an informed decision about the Movement.

However, the website creator would like to acknowledge all the people who actually created the foundation for the Raelian Truth Network, often at great personal cost. Many of these people who have spoken out to reveal their findings about the Raelian Movement and/or its founder Claude Vorilhon have often done so on their own, with their efforts mostly falling on deaf ears. This site intends to change that by creating a community capable of supporting Raelian Truth Activists and giving them the means to reach more people.

Additionally, the other purpose of this site is to provide support for people wanting to know more about the Raelian Movement and Claude Vorilhon. We do this by archiving as much information as possible and ensuring that it is always available to anyone wanting to know, by allowing discussion – free from coercion – to occur, and by making as much of this information available to everyone by having it translated into key languages.



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