Chabot Response to CPT Cancellation

Daniel Chabot responds to the cancellation of his Cellular Plan Transmission, detailing his dealings with the Canadian Council of the Wise and Raël.




This post gives the impression that Daniel Chabot wishes to move on, yet feels compelled to speak out to defend himself, and provide clear evidence of what really transpired throughout this event.



  • Council of the Wise should only have authority of members of the Raelian Structure. “only members of the structures are concerned by the council of wise men, simple raëliens are free to think, say and do what they want… “


Other Observations

  • Contrary to some assumptions, it would appear that at least some guides within the Raelian Movement question and debate Raël’s statements and policies.
  • Some guides have concerns about Raël’s mental health.
  • Daniel Chabot did not approach the Raelian Truth Network or any of its members to propagate his letter. We had received the French version that had surely been based on from one interested party to another. We initiated the translation into English ourselves, and when we have the resources will do so for other languages as our intention is to make supporting evidence available to all to allow people to come to their own conclusions about the Raelian Movement, rather than being forced a one-sided story.
  • Daniel Chabot claims that the Council of the Wise did not act in accordance with Article 11 of the Declaration of Human Rights1 in regards to providing a fair trial.


English Translation

When I announced my resignation from the International Raelian Movement (IRM) structure, I attached a text explaining the reasons that led me to this decision. I wanted to be clear and transparent with all those whom I knew during my 40 years of raëlism, while believing that they had the right to know, if that was their desire. Aware of the important role that I played inside the Raelian Movement (RM) for four decades, I thought it was important that people know why I decided to resign.

Therefore I sent my french text to a few close friends, to the guides and bishops of America and Europe and I did indeed try to send it to members of the Canadian structure. Sending it to the Canadian  structure did not work, so I asked the National Guide to do so, but the latter received the order not to agree with my request. So my text never got to the members of the Canadian structure from me.

An amazing thing, but which deserves to be pointed out, has happened elsewhere. I have indeed heard that the full text of my resignation has been transmitted to the entire structure in France. I would also like to underline here this loyal gesture of France’s National Guide, Marc Girard.

Following my resignation, I received countless comments via Facebook and e-mail from all over the world. The majority, if not all, were very respectful and grateful for my honesty and courage to have dared to speak as I did.

Among these many messages, there are those from the people responsible for the site: They informed me that they had published my text on their site and wished to translate it into English. I did not know this site and, although I did not intend to make an attempt to translate it, I accepted their proposal.

I insist here that I personally never published it on my facebook page or any other social network. A check on social networks will make it possible to see that I have not had any activity on this subject, that I have neither participated nor commented on my departure from RM. Anyway, after my resignation and my reasons, I maintained a very “low profile”. I’ve seen several insults, several hate messages and despising comments about me on FB, but I never answered. I didn’t want to fuel any controversy around this.

Despite my discretion, my silence and my lack of participation in the many debates about me, several members, including the guides and bishops of the RM, have not hesitated to post their contempt on fb about me. I was tried and convicted and I never responded. They even had the revolting idea to publish a text that I wrote a long time ago. I didn’t comment either.
Considering everything they’ve been saying about me, I’ve decided to share with you an important episode that happened recently. So, once again, you can make your own opinion.

Timeline of events

On October 3rd, I sent my resignation to Raël and the Level 4 (L4) and Level 5 (L5) guides from America and Europe with whom I worked for many years.

In addition to informal and friendly exchanges with some members, guides and bishops who kindly reiterated their unconditional friendship, I had no official communication with the people in charge of the IRM and Canadian Raelian Movement (CRM).

Between November 3rd and 15th

On November 3rd, I received an e-mail from Nicole Bertrand, President of the Council of the Wise (CotW), advising me that an ad-hoc CotW  had been mandated. In order to deform nothing, I invite you to read the email exchanges below.


Sent: Friday, November 03, 2017 8:31 PM
To: dchabot
CC: Andre. Julien; Marc Rivard; nicolebertrand
Subject: Council of wise men

Good evening dear Daniel,

Maitreya asked the Canadian Council of the Wise to make recommendations following the publication of your 40-year review of Raelism.

For the occasion, an ad hoc council was formed by Marc, André and I.

As a first step, we send you (in attachment) a text that you wrote a few years ago entitled: our inner demons “.

In addition, we want to know how you understand the following quote from the messages, p. 201 of the PDF Version.

“You who believe, do not make judgments about the actions or words of the ELOHIM. The Created has no right to judge his creator. Respect our prophet and do not judge his actions and his words, for we hear through his ears, we see through his eyes and speak through his mouth. If you disrespect the prophet, you disrespect those who sent him, your creators.”

We await your response by November 10th, 72.

May the light and wisdom of the Elohim guide your thoughts.

Nicole, President


On November 6th, 2017, Nicole Bertrand wrote:

Hello dear Daniel,

We want to meet you on zoom next week.

We have two dates to offer you: Tuesday Nov 14th or Wednesday Nov 15th, around 8 pm.

Would you be available on any of these dates?

If not, can you suggest another date for next week?

We’re waiting for your answer as soon as possible.

Good day to you and O’Rev.

Nicole, President.

From: Daniel Chabot
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2017 2:41 PM
To: Nicole Bertrand
CC: Andre. Julien1 Andre. Julien1; Marc Rivard
Subject: RE: Council of elders-2

Hello dear Nicole, Marc and André,

I am fully prepared for a meeting. But before I agree, I would like to ask you for some clarification.

First of all, if we go back to April, following Rael’s comment on his call for nuclear proliferation and the discussions we had on this subject, I received a summons from Daniel T. and Pierre Gary for a discussion on Skype. I naturally accepted this meeting and tried to make it happen, but it never did for reasons I do not know. Instead, Raël relieved me of my planetary responsibility. Subsequently, during my period of “negotiation” for a sabbatical period, the possibility of meeting with the council of the wise was put forward. I personally told Daniel T. that I was willing to meet with the CoTW, I never got an answer. Then I resigned with the reasons I have, I think, clearly expressed.

Now that I am no longer a member of the structure, the council of the wise has been put together and you ask for a meeting. My first clarification is: why now, a fortiori, when I am no longer subject to the structure and its authorities since I resigned?

My second clarification is about the question about the quote from the messages.

“Whereas an ad hoc CoTW has been set up to do a ‘Follow-up about the publication of your 40-year review of Raelism'”, it seems to me that it would be appropriate to place this quote which you are asking me to comment on, that is, by identifying my actions or my words on which I should position myself and not simply ask me to say what I understand about this quote. I can see that it is by virtue of this quote that you are going to make a judgment and possibly give a verdict and I will be punished. But still, we should look at what we’re talking about, don’t you think? Otherwise, we could send the ball back and forth by responding to each other with other quotes from the messages or Rael’s speeches.

Moreover, and I feel that this is the most important point in relation to this quote. Anyway, I have also said in my report, that if it is assumed that I have disrespected the Elohim and Raël, do you not think that it will be important that all those who are still in the structure and who have expressed doubts and criticism about decisions, strategies, words, etc. from Raël, be submitted to this exercise as well? The list is long, whether it was put in writing, during conversations or at our L5 meetings, where words like “Rael made a big mistake with cloning and no longer wants to talk about it”; “Raël makes mistakes…”; “Raël had pseudo-scientific beliefs”, etc… in other words, I would like to lend myself to this exercise but I would ask you all to submit to it as well because there are reasons.

I fought for justice during many years and you will understand that I will continue to do so because of a judgment which is about to be pronounced against me.

Good day and hugs,



From: Nicole Bertrand
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 7:47 PM
To: Daniel Chabot
CC: Andre. Julien1 Andre. Julien1; Marc Rivard
Subject: RE: Council of elders-2

Dear Daniel,

I cannot explain the circumstances of the past in your first paragraph.

However, I can tell you about our role.

You are partly right: a simple raelien, ex-member of the structure, cannot be convened by the disciplinary board, whose function is to ensure that the guidelines of the National Guide are respected by the members of the structure.

However, the mandate of the council of the wise is to ensure that all raëliens, members or non-members of the structure, respect the messages of the ELOHIM, without betraying them, or criticizing them, or altering them, or denying them, fully or partially, whether they have been sent to us in books written by the maitreya, or by any other means of communication, verbal or written, chosen by their messenger maitreya rael. To ensure that raelians respect the prophet of the ELOHIM, without criticizing him, insulting him, ridiculing him, denigrating him and do not attempt to incite others to leave the IRM structure, or work to try to harm him.

That’s why we’re contacting you.

It is also in this context that the citation of the messages has been transmitted to you.

In order to clarify our approach, our question applies to your writings contained in the entirety of your report on 40-Years of Raelism.

It also applies to your actions: your (failed) attempt to send it to all the members of the structure, even after resigning from the structure and your invitation to share it with as many people as possible, and also on the anti-Raelien site where you can read an English version which you provided.

According to you, your text and your actions, are they in agreement with the lower quote?

“you who believe, do not make judgements about the actions or words of the ELOHIM. The created has no right to judge his creator. Respect our prophet and make no judgement on his actions and his words, for we hear through his ears, we see through his eyes and speak through his mouth. If you disrespect the prophet, you lack respect for those who sent him, your creators.”

In conclusion, the mandate of this council of the wise concerns you and it is not our responsibility to extend it.

Your condition: “but I would ask you all to submit to it” is therefore inadmissible by our council.

We hope that these clarifications will allow you to give us a meeting date as soon as possible.

Tuesday Nov 14th or Wednesday Nov 15th, around 8 pm.

Good evening,


On Nov 14, 2017 at 19:10, Daniel Chabot wrote:

Dear Marc,

I’m talking to you in friendship. First of all, to thank you for your kind words following the death of our Bizou.

Secondly, I would like to express a few reactions regarding the council of the wise and more specifically about Nicole’s last email and the blatant lack of impartiality.

I can’t count the number of times you and I shared reflections on different subjects, strategies, decisions or positions taken by Raël. You were outraged more than once by positions on medicine, medication, and even personal attacks towards you implying that you could be brainwashed by conventional medicine, not counting the many times that he has lent himself completely to pseudo-scientific treatments or even purely quack approaches.

I tried my best to help you and try with you to educate scientifically in order to save our coreligionists from abuses that others have not only tried to do, but unfortunately have been done too often, with sometimes disastrous consequences.
In addition to the scientific and medical aspects, our shared thoughts have also included some questioning of statements, questionable strategies, etc. One of which recently created a doubt about his mental health. And it wasn’t the only time…

But let’s get back to this CotW. First of all, I am surprised that you have agreed to sit on it, considering not only the unfounded and even nonsensical presumptions (I will come back to it) from Nicole, but also because of this new rule referred to by Raël… I personally have been a part of Councils of the Wise (CotW) for many years by applying the following instructions: “only members of the structures are concerned by the council of wise, simple raëliens are free to think, say and do what they want… “

Never was a single non-member of the structure submitted to the CotW while I was there (most of the time as president). On the contrary, some, to be spared, had decided to resign. The Case of xxxxx is an excellent example. I even thought you were on the CotW at that time. xxxxxxx.

(N.B. the name and details of this case have been removed in order to preserve the anonymity of the person concerned. )

I understand that these rules are as flexible as those of petanque :-).

And to return to the blatant lack of impartiality of the current council (at least of its president), I would like to highlight some of the assumptions made by Nicole that are totally false and unfounded:

  1. First of all when she assumes that: I would have tried “to encourage others to leave the IRM structure, or to work to try to harm it.” what can she base it on to make such a statement, while I have worked for years not only for the development of the RM, but also, I have openly and transparently addressed all the things that seemed to me to go wrong and proposed solutions, until the end. And you witnessed it as well as other Canadian L5s.

  2. When she argued that: “your (failed) attempt to send it to all members of the structure, even after resigning from the structure and your invitation to share it with as many people as possible, as such on the following anti-Raelien site where you can read an English version you provided.”

It is a web of lies from the president of the council in charge of judging me. My intention is clearly stated in the introduction of my text: to tell the people that I have been with, guided, directed and to whom I have taught and spoken for years, what led me to leave. I felt they had a right to know, without deformation or comment, by trusting their judgment and intelligence. No more, no less.

On the other hand, if it is true that my text has been blocked (censored) for members of the Canadian structure, I might tell you that it has been completely different elsewhere, including France, where, from what I have been told, it was the National Guide that made it available to the whole structure.

  • “… and your invitation to share it with as many people as possible “… lie. I never invited anyone to share it with the greatest number. This is an absolutely unfounded presumption!

  • “… as also on the anti-Raelien web site where you can read an English version you gave them.”

Another shameless lie of the president! Not only have I never provided an English version of my text, but I did not even send a French version to the people who operate this site. I had no idea of the existence of this site or any other of this type. They received my text from who knows where, took the free initiative to translate it and publish it on their website. Just go to my Facebook page or other social networks to find out that I did not promote or disseminate this text. I am not even involved in the many exchanges about me and about my text on social networks. I’m not interested! Besides, my text isn’t even on my fb page. The only people I sent it to are L4 and L5 Guides from Canada and francophone Europe (since it was written in French) and as highlighted above, I wanted to send it to members of Canada for the reasons already stated. I also shared it with a few friends and relatives. If it was subsequently broadcast on social networks or people outside of the IRM, it is not me you should ask who sent it to them, but most likely people who are still inside the RM.

Also, a very superficial reading of my text will make it possible to see that (1) I do not attack the messages and (2) when I speak about Raël, I am specifically targeting concrete, factual and verifiable decisions or actions, which are not surprising to anyone, since we have discussed them many times in our L5 meetings, (3) I refrained from revealing everything that touches on his personal life, his relationship with his wife, his physical or psychological health which I witnessed, or the confidential information he entrusted to me. I do not mention the confidential information that Sophie had entrusted to me about actions that were more than questionable which he may have committed against her.

And finally, in addition to the fact that Nicole’s suspicions and her said intentions make me doubt the impartiality of the Council of Wise, I also seriously doubt her independence. These doubts are based on the fact that an ad hoc council has been formed instead of referring to one already existing AND that it has been given a LIMITED MANDATE: ‘the mandate of this Council of the Wise concerns you and it is not our responsibility to extend it.” Yet Nicole explained in detail the role of the CotW, which is neither restricted nor mandated by an authority that could influence its decisions. It seems to me that if someone wrote, as I did, to the CotW to tell them about reprehensible acts that fall directly within its mandate that have been committed, it does not determine the inadmissibility of these allegations on the pretext that it has a mandate limited just to one person. Otherwise, I repeat, this put doubt directly on its impartiality, its independence and therefore its legitimacy.

That is why I do not grant any legitimacy or authority to this ad hoc CotW and I refuse to meet them under these circumstances.

Dear Marc, you must understand that with everything that has happened, and that continues to happen, my confidence is undermined. In fact, several people whom I’ve worked with for years have lost my trust. I hope that the rigour and integrity that I have seen in you in the past is still present and that you will defend my approach, even if you have chosen another.

I left the IRM because I found aberrations too often. And now I’m going to continue to be served, even if I’m gone!

One day, Raël quoted Voltaire: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

With what is happening right now, and by referring to many discussions with the L4 and L5 from here and elsewhere, it seems that the principle has become: “I agree with what you say, but I will fight so you don’t have the right to say it.”

Receive my love,

P.S. You can transmit in whole or in part to the other two members of the CotW.



Reply from Marc

From: Marc Rivard
Date: 15 November 2017
Subject: Council of the wise-2
To: Daniel Chabot

Hello, Daniel.

I can’t speak for you and what you’re living right now, I can only speak for myself, how I feel.

For me, the situation is clear when I answer these simple questions.

Do I recognize the Elohim as our creators?

Do I recognize Raël as their messenger on Earth?

For me, everything else, analysis, argument… are just distractions and take away from what I really am.

If not already, I wish you to find serenity and happiness.



Comments on Marc Rivard’s response:

Marc is a member of the CotW. The very nature of its mandate implies that he should read and analyse my text, since it is due to this that the CotW has been formed. He is required to exchange and debate with the other two members, so that the recommendations to Raël are well-founded and based on specific elements.

But he’d rather answer “I can’t speak for you and what you’re living right now, I can only speak for myself, how I feel.” and “for me, everything else, analysis, argument… are just distractions and take away from what I really am.”

How can a CotW member bring everything back to himself? He is not here to talk about himself or for him.

And to top it all off, he once again brings things back to himself: “for me, the situation is clear when I answer these simple questions. Do I recognize the Elohim as our creators? Do I recognize Raël as their messenger on earth? “

Christians have said “God is our father almighty and Jesus is his only son”;

The Muslims said, “there is no god other than Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”

And today they say, “the Elohim are our creators and Raël is their messenger on earth.”

In this type of positioning there are the roots of fanaticism, fundamentalism and even extremism. We just have to rely on our beliefs to clarify everything, without having to analyze or argue!


November 23: The Verdict:

Without further news from the Canadian Council of the Wise, and while things seemed to calm down, on the 23th of November, this post was released Raël’s Facebook page:

After recommendations from the Wise Council of Canada who found Daniel Chabot guilty on 4 counts : 1 insulting the Elohim, 2 betrayal of the Messages, 3 insulting the Prophet, 4 inciting the Raelians to leave the structures and taking into account his refusal to attend the meeting organized to judge his actions by The Wise Council and refusing to acknowledge the authority of this council I decided to cancel his Cellular Transmission. This cancellation come as usual with an interdiction to attend any meeting organized by the Raelian Movement. If one day he repent publicly from these actions and apologize he will be able after 7 years to do his TPC again, and even sooner if the Guide of Guides decide to forgive him. This decision is effective immediately on November 23 72 AH (2017) at 4 PM Japan time.


Comments on the verdict:

Although the sanction was broadcast on social networks on November 23rd, it was only on the 27th of November that I received an email from Nicole to inform me of it.

Let us say first of all that none of the four grounds for cancellation of my CPT are supported by facts. I had emphasized to the members of the Council of the Wise that I doubted their impartiality and independence. This answer confirms this because nothing is explained. These are presumptions of the CotW, without any objectivity.

All forms of justice are based on 2 principles:

  1. The accused must benefit from the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.
  2. The prosecution has the burden of proving its allegations.

In this case, however, neither of these two basic principles of justice, which are part of the declaration of human rights, have been respected. In no way can they explain where and how I would have insulted the Elohim and Raël. In no way is it explained where and how I would have betrayed the Messages. And in no way has the presumption that I would have induced the Raëliens to leave the structure been proven. Reread my text and you will see that I wrote this: ” I believe, moreover, that all those who still remain in the RM do it with the same sincerity and faith that I myself have had. As well as all those who left after giving the best of themselves for decades.”

“and finally, I wish you happiness and love, and above all to remain faithful to your beliefs and deep values, and as long as they suit you and you don’t hesitate to question yourself.”

A person must have bad faith to see in these words any incentive to leave the structure…

And to conclude, here is the letter of resignation I sent to Raël on October 3rd, as well as two answers to it.

Daniel Chabot
3 oct.
In Messenger, Pierre, Daniel

Dear Maitreya, Pierre and Daniel,

There, my reflection is coming to an end and I am announcing my decision to resign from the IRM structure.

Dear Maitreya, if you want to know my motives and reasons, it will be my pleasure to share them with you. Perhaps they can inspire some positive and constructive elements for the RM.

Finally, I want to thank you for everything you’ve brought me, allowed to develop and express. I keep beautiful memories of my passage in the RM and by your side.

Take care of yourself and the beautiful people who keep giving you the best of themselves.

With all my love and sincerity,



Raël’s Response:

The Messenger
3 oct.
To me, Pierre, Daniel

Dear Daniel

I’m sure the Elohim appreciate the dedication and exceptional quality with which you’ve been carrying your work out for so many years. I only wish you happiness in your new life outside the structures.

Love Rael


A few days later, he sent me this:

The Messenger
5 oct.

Dear Daniel,

I hope that your happiness to be free from all responsibility after so many years will grow and that one day you will even want to return to the structures where you will always be welcome.

I respect your choice and your freedom and there is no need to justify your decisions with me.

I am told that you sent the past and present members of the structures a long text justifying your decision to leave the structures, and that it would contain my e-mail address. If this is true, please kindly remove this address out of respect for my privacy and to avoid that I have to change my email address.

Love Rael

You see in his words that there was nothing that could foreshadow such a witch hunt against me. I foolishly believed it once again, as I believed in this:

“Raelians are free to believe whatever they wish, structures members must follow the strict discipline of the organisation or they are immediatly expelled. […] Raelians are 100 % free to say or think whatever they wish.”,

And this comment recently published on his facebook page:

“Free speech must always be respected everywhere and about every subject. It s fundamental Human Right.”

This sanction and the whole process that led to it, does not only attack the freedom of expression. It attacks freedom of thought and conscience. Because that’s what this is all about, when I’m asked to comment on a passage in the Messages and they are referring to beliefs in Raël and Elohim and following that they declare anathema …


Facebook Post (Original French Version)



  1. “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” United Nations. Accessed December 05, 2017.
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