Daniel Chabot Resigns after 40 Years

Daniel Chabot – Former Bishop-Guide of the Raelian Movement.

After more than 40 years of involvement in the Movement, long time Bishop-Guide and Planetary Responsible for Teachings, Daniel Chabot has officially resigned and has joined his siblings among the growing ranks of former members.  

He explains his decision to leave in a document titled Balance Sheet, 40 Years of Raelism, 3 Oct. 2017, which is spreading like wildfire. While many high-level guides have left the Movement over the years, very few have spoken about their decision, and the circumstances of their departure. Daniel does not follow the trend, as he provides a well-written document detailing the lead up to his decision to leave.

In July 1991, Daniel Chabot is promoted to Bishop-Guide (Level 5)

So what does this mean?

This information could be the tipping point for the flailing Raelian Movement, encouraging those who have remained silent to finally speak out about the true nature of the organisation and its founder, Claude Vorilhon. Members who were once unsure, or who felt they had too much to lose, may now feel emboldened to take the next step and take action to expose or, like many others, to leave the Movement altogether.

Meanwhile, we may also have to accept that there are members who would actually be better off by remaining in the movement, at least temporarily, as the alternative may be worse for them. Perhaps now would be a good time to exercise compassion and to be there to provide some support as they transition in their own time.

Ultimately, this is a BIG THING. Expect to see more resignations and revelations. Stay tuned as we work to make translations of the document available as soon as possible.




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Aramel Martin

Former Raelian structure member, one time area manager for Sydney, Australia and editor of the Australian Raelian Movement's newsletter - "InformAction", Aramel founded the Raelian Truth Network to unite other truth activists working to expose the truth about the Raelian Movement and its founder, Claude Vorilhon and to provide resources to members - past and present - to maintain their cognitive liberty.

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