Daniel Chabot’s Resignation Letter Now Available in English

Former Raelian Bishop, Daniel Chabot has released the official English translation of his resignation letter “Balance Sheet – 40 Years of Raelism.”

Two weeks ago we published Daniel’s original French-version resignation letter, “Bilan, 40 Ans De Raelisme”. Today we are happy to make the officially approved English translation available to everyone.

The document is a well written account of Daniel’s decision to leave the Movement, of which he has been a member of for over 40 years, detailing his transition and eventual exit. Since its release, there has been a dramatic increase in discussion amongst former and current members, something rare in the current climate within the Movement – another topic discussed in the document.

Anyone considering joining the Raelian Movement or who is currently a member should read this at least once in their life, if not to better understand Daniel’s exit, then to have an insight into the Movement and its founder, Claude Vorilhon (Raël) from this unique perspective.

Download “Balance Sheet – 40 Years of Raelism” – Official English Translation

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