Felix Clairvoyant Interview in “Subversive: Interviews with Radicals” by Brian Whitney

RaelCanada.org has just posted an excerpt from the book “Subversive: Interviews with Radicals” by author Brian Whitney.



  1. Subversive: Interviews with Radicals – Félix Clairvoyant, Raëlian !! (2017, December 18). Retrieved December 20, 2017, from https://raelcanada.org/subversive-interviews-radicals-felix-clairvoyant-raelian/
  2. WHITNEY, B. (2017). SUBVERSIVE: interviews with radicals. S.l.: HEADPRESS.
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Aramel Martin

Former Raelian structure member, one time area manager for Sydney, Australia and editor of the Australian Raelian Movement's newsletter - "InformAction", Aramel founded the Raelian Truth Network to unite other truth activists working to expose the truth about the Raelian Movement and its founder, Claude Vorilhon and to provide resources to members - past and present - to maintain their cognitive liberty.

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