Humble Leader OK With Nudes In Front of His Statue

Following the arrest of US tourists for exposing themselves in front of a temple, Raël suggests followers do similar, taking an opportunity to hint at getting his own memorial statue.




I was surprised when I came across this post – when you examine the contents and compare it to the values that the Raelian Movement promotes, the two could not be more opposed. The post speaks in volumes as to the ‘consciousness level’ of Vorilhon/Raël as do the response of his followers.


Contradictions or Consistencies?

“Such stupid laws and governments”

Sadly, this comment is in alignment with the Messages, yet it is not clear how one defines when a law is unfair or obsolete, we therefore are required to accept that Claude Vorilhon knows best.

  • “Human laws are indispensable, and you will respect them, while seeing to it that those that are unfair or obsolete are changed. Between human laws and those of our creators, you will not hesitate one instant, as even the human judges will be judged some day by our creators.”1
  • “Human laws, as already stated, are essential. But they must be improved upon because they do not take love and fraternity sufficiently into consideration”2

“I hope many people will use photoshop and expose themselves front of the most sacred places in the world!”

According to the Messages, the Raelian Movement is the ‘Religion of Religions3‘ and is somehow meant to unite the world’s religions in order to be able to welcome the Elohim. While not directly asking to repeat the actions of the tourists mentioned in the original post, the request/suggestion incites followers to intentionally disrespect other peoples sacred places.

  • “The only way to change humanity is to love the foreigner more than our own. It is to love blacks more than whites if we are white It is to love heterosexuals more than homosexuals if we are homosexual. It is to love Tutsis more than Hutus if we are Hutus. It is to love people from another religion more than those from our own.”4
  • “Whatever your faith, everybody is supposed to have equal rights before the law. As long as you respect the laws, you should be allowed to freely practice your religion and to talk about it. If we judge the content of religions to know if they deserve respect, we thus betray the democratic principles and the human rights. The Onion worshippers must have the same rights the Roman Catholics have otherwise the constitution is not respected.”5
  • “All your actions should be based on a deep feeling of respect for the life of others, their ideas, and their tastes. We fight ideologies without ever using violent physical actions towards those who do not agree with us.”6
  • “Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”7


“I personally hope that if the Raelians erect some kind of monument after my death in my memory that many people will make nude photos in front of it!!!”

  • “A philosopher once said: ‘Jesus came to show people the path to follow, and everybody kept staring at his finger.’ Meditate on this sentence. It is not the messenger who matters, but the person who sends the message, and the message itself.”8
  • I personally recall teachings where Raël criticised “primitive people” worshipping idols/statues. He was also very insistent that Religious leaders (Catholic Popes in particular) be humble, no gifts, no special treatment. There are numerous passages in the bible to that effect. (Citations needed – if you find any for or against, please add in comments)


Other Observations

  • William Borowczak has a lot of spare time on his hands and decent photoshop skills. It would be interesting what his position is on respecting women and women’s rights.


Facebook Post

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What do you think?

How do you see this in respect to accomplishing the supposed mission of the Raelian Movement? Will this sort of attitude help unite religions, bring peace or increase women’s plight to be treated with respect and as equals?

Are the Raelians presenting themselves as a good model to inspire the world?

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