Insight into Buddhist Spiritual Abuse

Raelism and Buddhism may be similar in more ways than one. An in-depth article by Mick Brown of The Telegraph showing that even Buddhist groups can be affected by spiritual abuse, with interesting parallels to the Raelian Movement.

The article – “Sexual assaults and violent rages… Inside the dark world of Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche” is quiet long, so if you don’t have time to read it, but are seriously wanting to understand how abuse can occur within spiritual groups promoting personal growth and enlightenment, this is a good read.

Also, it gives you something to compare to in regards to your Raelian experience.

Do you think Sogyal Rinpoche and Ringpa are similar to Claude Vorilhon and the Raelian Movement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Damien M. for sharing this article.


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Aramel Martin

Former Raelian structure member, one time area manager for Sydney, Australia and editor of the Australian Raelian Movement's newsletter - "InformAction", Aramel founded the Raelian Truth Network to unite other truth activists working to expose the truth about the Raelian Movement and its founder, Claude Vorilhon and to provide resources to members - past and present - to maintain their cognitive liberty.

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