My Cry From the Heart

This post follows the many reactions following the testimony of Orev – “A PAGE OF MY LIFE… IN ALL SINCERITY. ” For those who do not know, Orev is my wife, the woman with whom I have shared my life for almost 20 years. The comments of many of you are beautiful because they are full of compassion, sensitivity and humanity. Thank you!

But others, especially those published by Bishops and Raelian Guides, are in all or in part, despicable. Yes, I am talking about you: Ezael, David Uzal, Marco, Allan, Elena, Gabraeliana, Bouda, JP Saulnier. Before commenting on your comments and those of others who trivialize reality as you do, I would like to say this: SHAME ON YOU!

Be aware that by stepping forward as you do to defend the people and the organization that have committed wrongdoing in the eyes of the law and morality, you become an accomplice!

“… why didn’t you go out in silence without trying to make noise in order to seek alliances and support in your choice?” – Ezael

SILENCE! That’s the heart of the problem, Ezael. Wake Up: All victims of all forms of abuse, fraud or manipulation have been locked in silence and when the silence breaks, a deliverance occurs and other tongues are loosened. Orev is the voice of several women. And get ready, there will be many others like her who will speak. And nobody will be able to say “I did not know”.

“The problem in this story is that you are not victims, you have only been deceived by yourselves: by your Ego!” – Ezael

“… if we stay in the Raelian Movement, it is always our choice and we must never feel victims, or worse, play the role of the victim.” – Marco

DESPICABLE! This is the term that comes to mind! Do you realize the meaning of your  statement? The victim who isn’t one, chooses to play the role of victim! We have denigrated  “victimization” in the RM so much that we come to make such comments! And the worst part is that they come from intelligent people, with whom we shared wonderful moments, enough to grasp the candor and honesty of their commitment to make the Earth a planet of peace and love.

“…it is a matter of perception.”  […]”I know several women who are happy and proud to be Raelian, Raelian guides, angels and gold ribbons …but it would be nice to listen to their testimonies.” – Marco

“… my experience is very different from yours. I entered the RM when I was a young girl and I have never suffered any abuse, neither sexual nor of any other kind. Neither in the structure nor even by Rael or the Angels.” – Elena

DISGRACEFUL! It’s close to contempt Marco and Elena. This is exactly what happens in normal society that you describe so much. In any environment, any organization, any religion, any family where there are people who are victims of abuse, fraud or malice, there are those who say they have never heard of anything, who will say on the contrary, that they have only known marvelous moments with the one who is accused. So what? Would that mean that having seen nothing or experienced such a thing proves that the victim was never abused or manipulated? What a fallacy.

“When one is unhappy one finds many excuses to justify one’s ill-being.” – Allan

And there it is, the smartest argument of the day: “she was not happy, that’s why she’s talking like that today!” How many times have you heard this type of argument that shows how far blindness, denial and the insidious way the victim is blamed for being responsible for what happened to them!

“I was never abused by raelian guid, but i have some of them in my mind, by who i would like to be abused” – Gabraeliana

Bravo Gabraeliana, you probably came up with this nonsense at the peak of your intellectual abilities!

“Orev, I do not read anything in your testimony that belongs to a responsible adult.” And: “welcome to the infantilized society! Orev behaves like a spoiled little girl…. as it has become the norm to behave in the society of spoiled children […] a huge manipulated but arrogant kindergarten , while claiming their inability to act freely they come to give lessons to everyone on what freedom would be … ” – David

“After whining and pretending to be a victim while we are still responsible for what happens to us.” – Allan

Too often I have heard such nonsense in the RM. Whether it is sexual, financial, spiritual or other abuse, we cover the shit that is the reprehensible and ignoble acts, with a good layer of sand along the lines of: but if she did not want to, all she had to do was leave, clearly say no, and to assert herself …

This type of peremptory argument has taken on such a magnitude that the victim has become more responsible than the abuser, and worse still, that the victim’s responsibility attempts to completely erase the abject acts of the guilty party. As happens in a court where the lawyer who defends the abuser, questions the victim in these terms:

Question from the lawyer: “Miss, the diamond you are wearing, who gave it to you? “

Victim’s response: “My spouse did”

Question: “Have you ever eaten at a good restaurant or travelled together? “

Answer: “yes”

Question: “When you had sex, did you never have fun with your spouse? “

Answer: “eh, yes, it happened”

The lawyer’s conclusion: “You see Judge, she recognizes all these good things and good times spent with her ex, so is this not proof that the victim lies and that my client is innocent and could not ever have raped and beaten her as she claims?”

This is what these petty lawyers are doing now, the ones who are defending Rael.

Everything is so clear when looking away from facts, shenanigans and other shameful behaviors that are denounced! I am very familiar with this type of fanatical behavior. This is what we were taught in the RM: do not listen. So as so-called guides for humanity, when a woman tries to talk about what she has lived or knows, we should not listen to her, but respond with coldness, with references to Raelian doctrines, or with the phrase: “go and complain elsewhere”. And it worked very well, it usually brought silence within the organization.

All of you who read these lines, you know how many women (and some men, no doubt) have suffered and still suffer the kind of things that Orev describes in her message. She has also received touching testimonies of Raelians (sometimes highly ranked) and ex-raelians. Silence breaks thanks to this kind of testimony and it will become more and more difficult to shut your eyes.

So, stop spreading your references to freedom and responsibility. Orev’s testimony is an act of great responsibility; that of speaking and denouncing the wretchedness of the man whom you describe as being the consciousness of the planet and of all those who have taken him as a model and have imitated him!

You don’t believe me? Listen to the excerpt of his teaching dating from June 2016 (at the time, I decided to censor it so that it wouldn’t be broadcast publicly), in order to assess the esteem expressed towards women:


It has always been said that there are no organized orgies in the RM. I admit that I have never witnessed one directly. But ask the angels, the Gold Ribbons in particular, to tell you what was happening during the small angelic orgies organized for the prophet. Ask them to tell you about the get togethers where the superior archangel gave lessons on how to please Rael, on what he preferred, how to perform a good blowjob, while practicing with a banana. Ask some of them what kind of argument Rael used to attract young women to bed and get what he wanted. For example, telling them that it was the Elohim who put them on his path or worse, telling them it was good to swallow the prophet’s sperm. It’s crude information, is it not? All the same!

Read once again the message of the Order of Angels and how Rael formulated it. But before you do, I’ll tell you something. I was living in Switzerland and there were tensions in Canada at that time. Following some email exchanges, Rael phoned me. During the discussion, I told him that I was shocked by the words of a Canadian bishop who claimed to know that the creation of the order of angels did not come from the Elohim, but from him. Rael then replied, “It’s true. The idea comes from me, but I asked the Elohim and they agreed with it.”

Look now how this so-called message was constructed:

  • Wrapped in a philosophical flavor: “But we love you, our creation so much, that nothing will give us more pleasure than to see our creation, with all its conscientiousness, wishing to put themselves humbly at our service by thus showing us their love … “;
  • With praise for the female earthlings with whom the Elohim (men of course) had sex: “We, the ELOHIM have manifested throughout history the pleasure we had of being with the daughters of men …”;
  • With a demand to give everything to their prophet: “For RAEL’s Angels, the ELOHIM and their Messenger are foremost. They are individuals who are willing to sacrifice everything for them, both their professional and sentimental life and even their life. “
  • And of course, for the gold ribbons, to answer to his sexual needs: “To be a gold ribbon means to be ready to serve the Elohim and the Prophets without any restriction, including sexuality. “

What does one call the taking advantage of women thanks to authority that is exercised over them? Is that not a form of “economic-sexual” exchange? It is certain that, like all forms of pimp-prostitute relationship, there is a voluntary choice of the two parties and therefore each is free and responsible for his/her choices. What several women who have left the Raelian Movement are denouncing, what they are speaking about, of course, is not of financial gain (although …) but of personal profit: in exchange for various services, sexual in this case, there are spiritual promises and material promises such as entering the Embassy and having direct and privileged contacts with the Elohim. And if this is not manipulation, then tell me what is! The promise of reward and the fear when faced with the threat of losing it by refusing to serve the Prophet are the very expression of the supremacy that Rael has over his flock, let alone the women he leads into an intimate setting.

Oh, I’ll be drawing the wrath of the Raelian fundamentalists. But with all due respect, let’s call a cat a cat. And dear Raelian friends, deploy your internal protection mechanisms to defend the indefensible, you will need them more and more, since it will become more and more difficult because tongues ​​are being loosened!

Today, people like Orev, Sylvie, Dominique, Anabela, Emmanuel, Oranza and many others, speak out and it disturbs, of course. Some attack us, others insult us and still others practice scotomization and trivialization. There are some who have the nerve to label us anti-Raelians. This is a good way to turn the dissident into an enemy. Those who criticise the RM and Rael are treated in the same way as those who denounce the ignominies of the Zionist Jews blithely accused of anti-Semitic or so-called Islamophobic because they dare to condemn the medieval practices of some fanatical Muslims.

Orev’s words today are those of a heroine who speaks on her own behalf as well as on the behalf of a large number of women and even men. I learned things I did not know when I read Orev’s text. And know one thing, even in our own house, there was a silence about what Orev states; a silence that lasted almost two decades. And everything that has happened to us in the last year has brought us to the removal of this semi-opaque veil and we have shared things that had been hidden somewhere in a small corner of our minds. What was unveiled in Orev’s text is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg.

MY CRY FROM THE HEART is addressed to the raelian or ex-raelian women. Speak, break that heavy silence and deliver your experience. There are not only beautiful stories Elena, Gabraeliena and all the other Angels who do not want to shatter their dreams. This call to the speak, I address it to you too Sophie. You have so much to tell!

I leave you with this question: why do you think there are so many resignations, denunciations, and so much commotion on the North American continent? I will give you some clues: Rael lived here, near us, for more than 15 years; Brigitte’s hoax was orchestrated and put in place here, by local members and with an obligation to secrecy; the order of the angels was created here, in Valcourt … My example may be perceived as exaggerated, but make the effort to understand its meaning.

When you hear in the TV news or read on the web that murders, kidnappings or rapes have been committed on the other side of the world, we react for a few seconds and we usually move on quickly to the next bit of news. But when such a tragedy happens to our next door neighbor, and it was committed by a nice person that we meet, greet, fraternize with for 20, 30 or 40 years, things are experienced totally differently. We do not believe it, we refuse for a while to see this neighbor as an abuser, a murderer or a rapist. One is stunned and one even pleads sometimes in his favor, while evoking the error on the person. This is what has been happening in America for a few years and that is why all the reactions are so different, for many of those who live it closely as for those who see reality only through the Internet or on And take note of this. Unlike Europe, no member of the Canadian and US structure comments on anything. It’s radio silence! Why do you believe? Well, that’s a slogan of the Commander-in-Chief!

Never forget this truth of Palice which becomes significant here: “He who says nothing, agrees.”


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