Questions Every Raelian Should Ask

Just How Rigorous is Your Critical Thinking?

One of the most appealing aspects of the Raelian philosophy is that of challenging long-held beliefs. The idea being that by questioning, we can gain new insights and re-evaluate our beliefs, both within ourselves and society in general, therefore developing our self-awareness and improving the world around us.

The trap to avoid is to become complacent and to stop questioning certain things, when new information presents itself, even more so when consideration of or access to such information is actively discouraged.

We’ve put together this list of questions that we believe anyone involved in the Raelian Movement should ask themselves if they haven’t done so already. The answers could change your currently held beliefs just as much as they could strengthen them. Regardless of the outcome, the value of this exercise is to actively use your mind to evaluate information and come to your own conclusions.

Always Improving

How do you think these questions could be improved to encourage a critical evaluation of the Raelian Movement and its founder? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

  1. Why is Rael’s description of his first encounter so similar to that of the author George Adamski’s1, a popular author and UFO Contactee claimant in the 1950s?
  2. Why did Rael tell respected author and journalist Rene Pacaut in 19742, as well as other journalists, that his encounter occurred at Puy-de-la-Vache only to change the location several years later to Puy-de-Lassolas3? How did this mistake occur if this was a place he claims to have visited often with his family in the summer?
  3. Furthermore, Vorilhon mentioned to Pacaut that he was experiencing a depression when he had his first encounter 4. Could this be related to the oil crisis in 1973 which halted all car racing in France, effectively guaranteeing the failure of his “Auto-Pop” magazine56? Why hasn’t he mentioned this in over 40 years of interviews, as this would have had a substantial effect on his life and career?
  4. Why has Claude Vorilhon never once mentioned the French author Jean Sendy7 during TV interviews, other than a brief link to one of his works on, even though he was quite well known at the time and, prior to 1973, was one of the few people already attributing the singular of “Elohim” to “Eloah”?89
  5. Is it mere coincidence that author Jean Sendy made a public presentation about his book “La Lune, Cle De La Bible” (which speaks of Elohim, Eloah and astronauts coming “from the sky” being depicted as gods in the bible)10 at a science-fiction festival in Clermont Ferrand in early 197411, only weeks before Claude Vorilhon spoke for the first time of his “encounter” to anyone, including his wife?
  6. How do independent accounts of Claude Vorilhon confessing that he never met with an extra-terrestrial12, most notably to a former bishop guide very close to him13, affect the validity of his claims? Do these alleged confessions support the claims of Jean-Jacques Arene and Charles Guillaume that Vorilhon was inspired one night by a half-joking discussion amongst friends in a pub, about how they could create their own ET hoax?
  7. Why do early editions of “The Messages” contain an infinity diagram almost identical to that in Jean Sendy’s books which were published prior to Vorilhon’s? 141516
  8. Why did the Elohim not mention that Raël is Maitreya when giving him the messages, and that this was only announced but did Rael announce he was the Maitreya, even though it is predicted the Maitreya would come from India1718, not France?
  9. Why is the Raelian philosophy and Rael’s appearance so similar to that of Osho?19
  10. Why must women send naked photos20 of themselves to Rael when applying to become part of his Angel Order?
  11. Why is it a condition of being in a relationship with Rael to be faithful to him and have no sexual relations with other men, while he is permitted to sleep with as many women as he desires?21 Does this not contradict his teachings of unconditional love and jealousy?
  12. If no civilization can travel outside of their planetary system until they have mastered their own aggression22, why do we find contradictions to this rule: Hindu ancient texts describe wars among the Gods, the Elohim contradict this rule by attempting to destroy humanity with nuclear weapons23 was Yahweh afraid to give Claude Vorilhon the location of the Elohim’s planet for fear of humans?24
  13. In the Book of Enoch – The Watchers25 the Nephilim (offspring of Elohim and Man) are described as destroying and devouring humans2627, and the Watchers (Creators) teaching man how to make weapons. Isn’t this a contradiction of the Elohim’s mastery of non-violence? Should we have concerns about Raël as he claims that he is the offspring of a human and Eloha28?
  14. Why do the Elohim instruct us to be ABSOLUTELY non-violent29, yet Rael asks us to temporarily suspend this non-violence to prevent nuclear destruction?30
  15. Why did the ElohimLeaks31 32 stop when, according to Rael, humanity’s chance of self-destruction was at its highest?
  16. Why are the financial records of the IRM and Raelian Foundation not available to donating members, as they are for other charities and foundations33?
  17. How much money has been collected for the building of the Embassy and who has control of these funds?
  18. Why are members expected to donate money to build new homes for Vorilhon34 whenever he abandons one country for another? What happens to his previous homes? Does he sell the homes and return the funds to donors, use the funds to buy a new home or keep the money and ask for new donations? Doesn’t he already receive donations and income to cover his living expenses?353637
  19. Does Raël pay taxes? If not, why not?
  20. Why is the Raelian Movement NOT organized as a geniocracy with two parties, but more like a fascist regime with only one voice?38
  21. Why did Rael send a detailed email39 to a small number of guides teaching them methods of secrecy and then ask them to destroy the email after reading it?
  22. Why is the Raelian Movement misrepresenting the number of members it has by including non-Raelians and uninterested persons if Vorilhon claims it doesn’t matter how many there are?40
  23. Why did the Elohim NOT give Raël any physical evidence4142 of his encounters or claims, which would allow them to be proven scientifically43, and also prove that the Elohim want us to be more scientific, and that the Messages are scientific in nature?
  24. Why did the Elohim entrust just one man with such an important message, when they could have had multiple Messengers, thus having some means to validate any communications from the Elohim?
  25. Why is it that someone who has been given the keys to happiness and the ability to heal with his hands44 still suffers from bouts of depression and ulcers?
  26. How come in “The Book Which Tells the Truth” Raël is asked to build the embassy in a “pleasant country with a mild climate“, but then in his second book, the embassy is to be built in Israel.45 Furthermore, in 1986 Rael specifically states that the embassy must be built near Jerusalem, but NOT in Israel46. So why did he make land requests to the Israeli government in 199147 and continue to do so until 200948 if it’s not to be built in Israel?
  27. Rael been collecting money for an embassy since 1974, so why did he say many years later that we must first build the embassy inside of us? Surely it should cost nothing to “build the embassy inside of us”?
  28. Why did Rael say that the embassy plans must always be kept secret for security reasons49and then draw-up and release these plans the following year? 50
  29. Why did the architect who made the first Embassy architectural drawings say that they were based on an existing crop circle51, but later it was said in “Intelligent Design” that the “embassy crop circle” appeared AFTER the plans were drawn up?52
  30. Why does Rael keep changing the date for the arrival of the Elohim?53 54 55
  31. Why does Rael claim in a TV interview56 that he is the “paraclete”57 (messenger/counselor/comforter) who Jesus was said to have predicted58, while in another Raelian produced video claiming that Mohammed is the Paraclete?


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