Raelian Movement’s First “Honorary Retirement”

Bishop-Guide Rejean Proulx will be recognised for over 40 years of dedication to the Raelian Movement in it’s first ever “Honorary Retirement”. Why now, and what the heck is an “Honorary Retirement” anyway?

In another first for the Raelian Movement, the concept of “Honorary Retirement” has been created and will be celebrated at the end of February recognising ReJean Proulx’s commitment to the Movement for over 40 years. As a former member of the structure, familiar with the near cut-throat corporate world intensity that the Canadian Raelian Movement operated under, this is quite the achievement, and it’s only reasonable to want to recognise that contribution.

Yet many are wondering about the true intentions behind this action, particularly at a time when many members have been leaving the organisation in droves, including high level members, some of which had dedicated just as much of their lives as ReJean.

According to sources, ReJean was fed up with his involvement on the Council of the Wise and decided to leave. The Movement is still feeling the effects of the departure of Daniel Chabot, also a Bishop-Guide that had served the Movement for over 40 years. Perhaps neither the Raelian Movement, nor it’s founder, Claude Vorilhon/Rael, want to see another dramatic exit that may inspire more members to question the group.

It’s interesting to note that ReJean worked very closely with the Movement’s finances and may have been privy to questionable acts relating to the Movement’s finances, maybe even having the evidence to corroborate claims such as those made by Roland Dussault on his website – laise.org – where he alleges that Rael/Claude Vorilhon has absolute control of all the Movement’s various finances.

If this is the case, it would be beneficial to “Honorarily Retire” someone. Perhaps with so much positive admiration and respect from the membership it may be more difficult to come forward should one have something to expose in the future. Perhaps this is the new, updated version of an imposed “sabbatical” break? Or maybe it’s just a childish ploy by a very childish person to get back at former members with similar levels of insight not only within the Raelian Movement, but also with its leader, Claude Vorilhon.

Who really knows? Either way, many of us wish ReJean the very best for his future.

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